Monday, June 01, 2009

Harper’s Law

Have you ever sat around a round table which has a big hole in the middle and wondered that, besides occupying some space, what is the purpose of that hole? I once dropped my pen in that middle during a meeting and had a hell of an embarrassing time to retrieve it.

Now think of Harper and a hole in his head. He is going to come up with a law where you can sue terrorists in Canada. Firstly, terrorist for us is someone else's freedom fighter and a freedom fighter for us is someone else's terrorist. We go and occupy others' land or countries, we should fully expect that there will be resistance. So we conveniently call resisters terrorists. That is the way it goes. (This is no way condones violence on either side - personally I condemn violence - but illustrates the nature of the discourse).

Now how is Harper going to implement such a law? Maybe what Bush was unable to achieve Harper will achieve through his law. Mullah Omar of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden of Al-Qaeda were just waiting for a court date all this time. Now that Harper will sue them they will show up to defend themselves in Harper's kangaroo court and he can arrest them. Will Harper get any more stupid? Harper is all mixed up, as he wants to emulate Bush who Harper probably does not know is long gone from the Whitehouse, and we all know how smart Bush is... so what you expect from his fan?

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