Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stephen Harper and a true WTF moment

Stephen Harper is being given a Human Rights Award by the Canadian Jewish Congress?!? What for? Because he approved Israel's indiscriminate killing of over 700 women and children during the December 2008 invasion of Gaza. Also approving of Israel's indiscriminate killing of women and children in 2006 when it invaded Lebanon. What is this? Divine rights of Israel to kill kill kill, and kill some more? I suppose Palestinians and other Arabs are not humans and it is promoting human rights when you kill them or approve of such killing. I thought all humans are created equal but apparently this is not so.

And Ignatieff and Layton are speaking at the same function. What kind of skull-duggery is this. These guys are a bigger jerks than I could ever imagine. This is truly a WTF moment.

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  1. "This is Harper's third major award from a Jewish organization in less than a year. Last June, Harper was awarded the B’nai Brith International President’s Gold Medallion."
    No bias or hidden agenda here, eh!

  2. No hidden agenda ;)
    Disgusting eh!