Friday, May 15, 2009

A Dog with balls

I was walking by and I saw this man standing in his drive way with an old hockey stick, he would kick a ball and the dog would jump, run, pick up the ball, and bring it back to the man and put it near the feet of man or hand him over. The dog seemed to ensure that the man could not move an inch while the dog was having the time of his life and getting alot of exercise. I thought to myself, "smart dog."

At one point the man kicked two balls, one after the other. The dog picked up one ball and moved his head side to side, looked at the second ball and seemed to be saying, "hey fellow I may have a big mouth but not any bigger than yours" and proceeded with one ball at a time. There! This dog had the balls and smartness while the man was standing still and getting little exercise.

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