Sunday, April 05, 2009

War Criminal: Welcomed by Harper government; Human Rights activist: Banned

Source of picture CBC.

What has happened to our democracy in Canada? Where is the Harper government taking us? Bush, who many Canadians consider a war criminal, is welcomed by the Harper government but a British MP, George Galloway, who fights against war crimes is banned by the same government. What is more ironic is that Mr. Galloway was free to go anywhere in the U.S when, if Bush goes to Vermont, he would probably be arrested (as the towns of Brattleboro and Marlboro in Vermont passed resolutions calling for the arrest of Bush and Cheney).

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  1. Crazy isn't it? Everything seems to be reversed since Harper & his thugs came into power. Let's hope they really do get removed in the next election or what Harper once said will become true:

    "When I'm done with Canada you won't recognize it."

  2. Penlan, the tragedy gets worse. What is the alternative? Iggy?

  3. Tell me, honestly LeDaro, who else is there other than Iggy? Don't you think we, Canada, are better off with the Liberals in power than Harper & his thugs? I know you hate Iggy but he is definitely not Harper & the other Lib MP's are definitely not like any of the Con MP's. We are literally going down a hell hole if we keep Harper. We are already going down it & it will only get worse. Don't you want him stopped? There is no one else who can stop him so what do you propose? What do you have in mind?

  4. Penlan, I am not saying to keep Harper but Iggy is not much of an alternative. He is further right than Harper. I was hoping that he will form government with the coalition and he would have learned something. It may still happen after the next election but my hopes are not high.

    Just think of women and children slaughtered in Gaza. Iggy gave more enthusiastic approval than Harper and even stronger than Bush would have. He is right of centre. Pro-Iraq war. Pro- Afghanistan war. On environment he is right of Premier Stelmach of Alberta. Too bad.

  5. LeDaro,

    I'm not disagreeing with you. The problem is that we have no viable alternative at this time other than the Libs. I, too, had hoped for a coalition govt. & feel the same as you do about many of Iggy's statements & stands. It's just that there is no one else who is strong enough to remove Harper from power. There is a lot more experience in the ranks of the Libs than there is in the Cons & a govt. formed by the Liberals will be more along the lines of what we want.

  6. Penlan, apparently we agree to disagree on this. I rather see Jack Layton as our next PM than Iggy. But then life never gives you what you wish.

    Also I do not understand the hypocrisy of people. Rape law in Afghanistan is condemned (which it should be) but killing women and children in Gaza is ok. Please give me a break.

    Iggy is clueless about Canada. He is also control freak like Harper and I do not know how it will work - experienced cabinet or not.