Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Stephen Harper Resuscitating the Economy

Remember during last year's election Harper kept repeating that the fundamentals of our economy were strong. Then after the election he and his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told the Parliament that there was no need for incentives or stimulus for the Canadian economy. Instead they wanted to finish all the vital signs of the opposition by cutting their public funding. Then the Harper government had a near death experience (the dreaded coalition) and Parliament was prorogued.

Early this year Harper started talking about stimulus to get back his vital signs and also following the lead of Barack Obama for stimulus. Although Bush is gone, Harper still needs ideas from Washington. This 'bright economist' has no ideas of his own. The Obama government offered warranties for new cars in order to give a jolt to restart the auto industry. Now Harper has again slavishly followed that lead and is offering the same in Canada.

Does this man know what is he doing? Is our economy going to be resuscitated or is it doomed to die, and maybe will have rebirth under a different administration?

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  1. I swear I thought I saw Harper try to slip the tongue to the economy!

    Another hilarious post Ledaro!

  2. Fish, you're bad. LoL.

    I never thought of that. I thought it was simple mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.