Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adam Leon: The Airplane Thief

I am very impressed by the US air force that they did not shoot down this airplane thief. After all, he violated their airspace and a small airplane is surely more dangerous than a stapler. US pilots used good judgment and restraint. Also, the Missouri police did the same. As a matter fact, the policeman bought some food for Leon before arresting him because the guy was hungry and probably had no money. Our friends to the south often get accused of being trigger happy but this time they proved us wrong – especially the air force and police in this case. A good lesson for our RCMP to use carefully their new taser guns and that a stapler is lot less dangerous than a flying airplane.

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  1. Good point, in this case, about our RCMP & the U.S. police.

  2. As soon as I heard the news I thought of RCMP. Polish gentleman's death was a big tragedy.

  3. Yes, Robert D.'s death was an abomination & totally did not have to happen. The poor man - confused, hungry, thirsty, etc. Those officers should be doing time for what they did. But nothing will happen to them I'm sure.