Friday, April 17, 2009

Norm Coleman: A tear in his eye

This drama has been unfolding in Minnesota for almost 6 months. Initially I believe Coleman (A Repuglican) had few more votes but then, after numerous recounts, his opponent Al Franken took the lead by some 200 votes. Since then, Coleman's world has gone upside down. He went before the courts and failed to overturn the election outcome. Now he is contemplating to go before the Supreme Court of Minnesota. All this time the State does not have full representation. Now Coleman is a perfect example of someone for whom himself, his glory, and ego comes first and the people of Minnesota can wait. This is not much of democracy.

His opponent Al Franken ran for the first time and won and that must be bugging Coleman – for him, it is a "this toy is mine" kind of thing. Grow up Coleman and admit the defeat and don't so blatantly violate the rights of Minnesotans for fair representation. Granted that Franken's claim to fame is as a comedian and as a legislator he is unknown. But last I checked Minnesota was still part of the US and it still claimed to have democracy. So the election outcome must count. Grow up Mr. Coleman, stop being a cry-baby.

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