Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Captain Richard Phillips – Somali Piracy

Captain Richard Phillip – Somalia Piracy

It was a sigh of relief for many that Captain Phillips was rescued especially great sigh of relief for his family. It must be very hard on the family members.

If by some unfortunate circumstances Phillips would have been harmed or killed it would have been a tragedy as he was the innocent party in this. Moreover we would have heard from here to eternity from the rightwing nutjobs that Obama’s leadership was anaemic.

The actions of pirates cannot be condoned in any shape and form and it is sad that three of the four pirates were killed.

However, I have since heard that God has heard the prayers to help save Captain Phillips. May be but could the God be so partisan that he will listen to one party in this conflict and not to the other. Is it possible that these pirates were victims too – victims of circumstance. If that is the case then why God will abandon them.

Now let us further look at that issue. Around 1991 Somali was a failed state. Its shores were unguarded. Other nations including Russia and Japan took advantage of that and took their fishing trawlers their and cleaned the Somali shores of any fish. Moreover then certain western nations dumped nuclear waste in that area Somali shore waters so no good fish could survive or thrive. Suddenly all the fishermen, navy guards and other security people of Somali had no where to go. Now why God did not protect them against such injustices. I am not sure that invocation of God for help one side and not other is appropriate.

Now why the Somalis at the frontline of piracy are victims themselves because first they have no other source of livelihood, second all the proceeds coming from such piracies do not go to these sailors but only a very small portion. Those who run the operations and have come to control major ships in those waters plus the main hoodlums in Somalia take the lion’s share without ever risking their own lives. Some of these dons of crime I heard live in London and operate from there.

In other words it is a very tragic situation for these so-called pirates and their families, as they have no other source of income. Thus the solution lies on ground in Somalia. Western nations, especially US, can help bring more effective government in Somalia who in turn can improve the economy and provide jobs. Moreover all the heads of these crime cartels should be arrested and put away in jail.

In conclusion if we want to put an end to this current piracy then we need to revive the Somali society. Yes by killing few pirates we may solve the problem temporarily but not in durable way unless we get the root cause of these crimes. Moreover help should be provided to clean up the waters off of Somalia. We must seek humane and durable solutions.

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  1. Anonymous10:47 am

    Good post.
    We often forget the reasons for piracy in the region.

  2. CWTF, thank you.

    There is always to sides to a story.