Saturday, April 25, 2009

The American Presidency and its symbols

George W. Bush and the cowboy gang succeeded to hurt America both nationally and internationally, including its symbols which have been a source of pride for America. He turned eagles into angry seagulls - the ones who bring things down by running into airplane engines.

Internationally, America has earned a bad name under Bush, especially with his gang invading Afghanistan and especially Iraq. He sent the whole Middle East into a tizzy. That state will prevail for sometimes to come. Afghanistan was completely botched and he not only further destabilized Afghanistan, but also Pakistan – Pashtuns turned into Taliban spreading their influence into Pakistan and destabilizing that country as well.

Torturing of detainees has further damaged the reputation of the US..

Bush ignored America as such in search of his glory through plundering other countries. Hence he left the country in dire economic straits. I hope that Obama can turn things around. More recent explosions of torture revelations may help Obama, as the whole nation seems to be embroiled in it and is diverting some attention away from the economic woes. That does not mean the economic woes will go away easily but it gives Obama breathing space to keep working on the issue. Maybe Obama found out how to govern, as with the torture revelation attention has turned away from him personally thus giving him more free hand to tackle the economy. All the good luck to him because we Canadians do depend on a good US economy as it is our biggest trading partner.

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