Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Devolution of Stephen Harper

You have heard about evolution but this story is about devolution. It happens you know. Stephen Harper could have stood tall after the 2008 election as he did manage to increase his minority strength and came within the striking distance of a majority. But instead he decided to squander his political capital, like his idol Bush, real quickly. He could have co-operated with the opposition and provided stable government for 2-3 years, instead he chose to demolish the opposition in a despotic manner.

Through his Finance Deminister Jim Flaherty, he provided a Financial Update (some fellow bloggers called it the F.U.) ending the public funding of political parties which is a cornerstone of Canadian democracy as it now stands. He claimed that he wanted to save $30 million to fight the economic downturn where billions are needed. It was a drop in the bucket. His intentions were clear, he wanted no opposition and the economy was the least of his concerns. As a government in power he was sure that his party would collect enough funds to keep going. That dwarfed his stature considerably, if there was any.

The opposition decided to take him on his missteps and decided to pass a vote of no confidence on December 1st, 2008 - a day set aside for the opposition. Harper rescinded the opposition day and instead promised such a vote on December 08, 2008 - further cutting down his stature.

Then on December 4th he met with the Governor General asking her for prorogation of Parliament which was granted - a horrible precedent to override the will of the majority of the House of Commons. Now it was clear that not only does he have dictatorial tendencies, but that he is a dictator. Period. I hope Canadians understand that this is not only a prorogation of Parliament but of democracy. It looks real bad for Canada and we are becoming a laughing stock of the world.

Now, all that is left is a little dwarf of Harper who is a disgrace to himself, to Canada and to the office of the Prime Minister. The Governor General should do the right thing and ask for his resignation.

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