Sunday, September 07, 2008

Stephen Harper’s awakening

After close to three years, Harper is finding out there are reporters and journalists in Canada. All this time he was hiding from them and the general public. After meeting the Governor General, he said to the media that he did not expect there were so many of them. He was so busy fitting himself into the derriere of George W. Bush that he hardly knew where Canada was. He was also fighting the war in Afghanistan for his master Bush and promoting other neo-CON policies. I hope he does not CON Canadians again.

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  1. Oh what a jolly fellow he was when he said that. I noticed the light seemed to be hurting his eyes, he was kinda squinting a lot - must have been from coming out of Bush's derriere, as you said, & into the daylight.

  2. Good one, penlan. LOL.