Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin's Bridge to Nowhere

Is it possible that Sarah Palin's bridge to nowhere may become rough waters for the McCain-Palin ticket? They will have to navigate this one carefully - especially Palin lying about it, saying that she was against it repeatedly in her stump speech when, initially, she was all for it (that is until it became politically inconvenient to be for it). A pig is pig no matter how much lipstick you put on it – in this case Palin's abuse of the truth. Barack Obama is too nice to say "lipstick" "Palin" and "pig" in the same sentence, so I will say it for him.

Apparently swiftboating against Obama has begun with McCainiacs blaming him for sexist remarks when Obama said lipstick and pig referred to McCain's stand on policies (something which Senator Hillary Clinton and other prominent women in the Democratic Party confirmed).

Guess who started swiftboating on McCain's behalf – none other than Ms. Swift, former acting Gov. of Massachusetts and now working for McCain's campaign. How appropriate that Ms. Swift was chosen to lead this attack – not so swift Ms. Swift. However, there has been major backlash in the media as McSame himself has used Pig and Lipstick in the past in relation to the healthcare policy of Senator Clinton.

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