Wednesday, August 20, 2008

John McCain: Is citizen Cain stable?

...that is the question Keith Olbermann of MSNBC raised on his program Countdown. It is a legitimate question, especially when McCain changes his positions so often and is so forgetful. He was against Bush’s tax-cuts for the rich, then he was for it, and now he wants to make these cuts permanent.

More recently, he said that Barack Obama is solely driven by ambition. However, in the 2000 campaign he said he cannot claim to be totally altruistic and that he was driven by his ambition to be President of the United States. With that kind of instability, is it safe to have him as a leader of the World's most powerful country? Especially, as he also happens to be trigger-happy. It sounds pretty perilous to have him on the nuke control terminal.

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  1. McLaim leads the magnificent one "Obumma" in the polls . . . by 6 or 7 points I believe.
    Oberwoman is a nut . . . probably needs a little help too!!!

  2. Oldschool, it is only in one poll that McCain may be leading. All the rest are showing that Obama is leading. It is August. Wait until October and McCain's senior citizen's moments will do him in.