Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Party Convention – Day 3

It was a very successful and memorable day. Hillary Clinton’s move to make Barack Obama’s candidacy unanimous was received with thunderous applause. I gave some details of it in my previous post.

There were some great speakers on Day 3. But I will say Bill Clinton stole the show. He was at his best. The crowd went crazy. He had a hard time starting his speech because the crowd kept on in its standing ovation. He asked them jokingly many times to calm down and sit down. He then gave a superb and gracious speech.

He proved many pundits wrong that he was bitter. He showed no bitterness and was very generous in praising Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Pundits had predicted that Bill Clinton would have difficulty saying the words "Barack Obama." He said "Barack Obama" repeatedly and said Obama was ready to lead. I thought it was one of the best speeches of his career as a politician and, after Ted Kennedy, the most moving speech at the convention. He brought the audience to their feet many times. He said America is at its best when it uses the "power of example and not the example of power" referring to quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe his speech will go a long way to bring the Democratic Party together.

John Kerry was another great speaker. He used an interesting approach of comparing Senator McCain with Candidate McCain and how these two (personalities of McCain) are at odd with each other. He added that before there is any presidential candidates’ debate, Senator McCain and Candidate McCain must debate to reconcile their differences. Through humour and eloquence his speech was well received.

The final speaker was Joe Biden. His introduction by his son Beau Biden, who will be sent to Iraq soon, was very moving and touching. Joe Biden himself gave a great speech. He offered some of the sharpest criticism of John McCain – first he said "George..." then said "sorry I mean John McCain."

At the end Barack Obama made a surprise appearance. He spoke briefly and thanked Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton for their support. I thought it was a smart move.

Overall, it was a great night for Democrats.

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