Sunday, March 23, 2008

Health and Education Reforms in New Brunswick

Are the Ministers poking, and daring, the sleeping bear? Bonne Chance Messieurs Lamrock and Murphy!

Loss of French immersion driving us out of N.B., 4 doctors say
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Acadians see N.B. health plan as threat to language rights
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  1. Early French Immersion is the best program for students to learn French. The problem occurs with students who take core French. By the time they reach high school, they drop French when it is no longer manditory. Even if they complete high school core French, they are still not funcitonal in French. I can imagine that the New Brunswick government thinks that it is a waste of resources when most English-speaking who take core French cannot speak the language upon completion of high school.

    New Brunswick could always try to keep the Early French Immersion program but high more French teachres for its new Intensive French program for grade five. Unfortunately, the supply of qualified French teachers is limited. The NB government has decided to accept a suspicious report that concludes that Early French Immserion is not the best for students. All that at the government is doing is shifting the teachers from the Early French Immersion program to the new one year Intensive Program and into high school classes.

    In my opinion, the New Brunswick government's mistake is not so much shifting French teaching resources. It's mistake is that it is doing so under false pre-tenses of EFI being inadequate for students taking that program.

  2. S.Dipper, thank you. Very insightful comment. I agree with you.