Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sale by the Canadian Association of Political Properties

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  1. Typical BS from a typical Liberal intellectual retard. Desparate to deflect attention away from you failure on Monday nite & the pathetic state of your party that you have to haul out this nonsense.

    This is another sign of how much truble the Gritss are in when their sycophants have to resort to this. Time to grow up.

  2. Lizt, long time no see. I am glad you like the picture. We may even throw in Baird if the bid is good.

  3. McGuire, thank you for visiting my blog. If I got you that upset then that means I had a good impact.

    Hey we will throw in Iggy in the mix if it upsets you that much.

  4. Oh Yes McGuire, we are doing so bad that we are tied with your party, the CPC.

    Terrible results for the CPC I might add, seeing you guys have had 20 months with everything in your favour to up your numbers.

    Its a terrible sign when a Con has to resort to calling their own percentage in the polls bad in order to attack a liberal. Great way to deflect from your ConAdScam. Of course, thats temporary, you guys will have to explain that one still. My guess it would best be explained on the campaign trail.

  5. You sure ruffled that con's feathers. Good for you.
    Last night I saw, on CBC, Harper in Afghanistan. As they were talking about the Armed Forces ... they are telling the government what to do. Just like the
    Anyhow Harper did not have his top over his belly...Wow. he needs to diet!....bigger than before.

  6. How very puerile...just the kind of thing we have come to expect from the left.

    Have fun with your little pictures, moonbat.

  7. First off, welcome to my Con buddies. Where have you been? I have been expecting you.

    Surely you believe in fairness. Mr. Harper is selling Canada to U.S. and it is only fair we sell him and his talent to U.S. Fair and square. We can use the returns to finance some programs cut by Cons and give natives their due. That done all concerned can live happily ever after.

    Lizt and Jay have further elaborated certain aspects of Cons' directions, actions and policies for you.

    Canadians can live with Progressive Conservatives but this new breed of Harper Cons are becoming very unpalatable. They need to be auctioned off to American Cons such as Bush and followers.

  8. Ironic that the left has such short memories...must be all the dope smoke. Harper is selling Canada to the U.S.? That is pretty rich considering things like the North America Security and Prosperity Inititive was started with the help of your very own Mr Dithers. As well, you moonbats creech on about the Afghanistan situation without mentioning that it was your vile, corrupt excuse for a political party put our people there without so much as a vote in Parliament.

    Surely you too believe in fairness, so how about admitting where alot of this lefty angst began instead of merely shifting the blame to the best Prime Minister this country has seen in a long time. Oh sorry, I forgot that listening to opposite opinions and admitting mistakes is not a Liberal trait.

    Why not head back to Mom's basement and make another stupid animation, you talentless Kool-aid sipping hack.

  9. Jim: Got so upset, eh! Anger fogs the judgement. However I must admit that you have great sense of humour as you write:

    "..shifting the blame to the best Prime Minister this country has seen in a long time". That sure is much more humorous than my picture.