Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bush's Surge in Iraq

It would look that sectarian violence is on the rise in reaction to Bush's surge.

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  1. This is bordering on , what the people of Iraq would call a nightmare.
    I wonder how many are wishing that Saddam was back and no war..not an easy life, but he didn't destroy half the country and kill half its people

  2. Lizt, it is worse than a nightmare. A country dismantled and demolished. Close to a million or more killed and many more millions without proper shelter, sanitary conditions, water and food and many millions refugees in neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Syria living in squalor conditions.

    Bush operatives tried to divide and conquer by inciting sectarian violence and to be a “nice guy” and “peacemaker” in the middle. That has backfired too because all factions hate American occupation.

    It is a human tragedy of extra-ordinary proportion created by self-proclaimed God Bush