Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dubya's Best Friend

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  1. Anyone notice that the Bush is much greener than Al the Goricle???
    The US has had the smallest increases in so-called greenhouse gasses per capita on the planet.
    The US has been working with Australia, China, and India on greenhouse and pollution reduction. Of course this has been totally missed by the slightly biased MSM.

    I believe it was the Lieberals who invited Howard Dean to attend their convention . . . the Cons have never done anything so stupid. I suggest it is the lieberals who have the strongest ties to the Dumbocrats in the US . . . see the polls on the Dem led congress??? Their approval numbers are on a par with GB . . . doing a fine job with crazy nancy and hands-up Reid.

  2. Glad to hear that U.S is doing better than Canada on enviroment. All the more important that Harper and Baird get on the bangwagon.

    Although I will say that U.S can do better. I do not care it is Dems who do it or Republicans. It is important that they do something and do it soon.

  3. The US is doing better on the environment in spite of Bush not because of him. It is largely because state governments have picked up the slack for the federal government including some Republican ones such as California.

  4. Miles Lunn, thank you. I agree with you.