Sunday, April 22, 2007

A New Flyer in the Mail -- From the Prime Minister

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  1. If this is the best the left can do to try and discredit the current government, then PMSH should call the election right now!!

    Keep up the good work

  2. Hurts, eh! Name calling, you P(la)otty.

  3. I got one of this too, without the new face. Anyway, Huron-Bruce doesn't have a con MP (although Steckle might as well be), and so the mailer-payer is from Patricia Davidson, MP over by Sarnia.
    What gives here? I thought that money was suppose to be for that riding and not just any riding that the cons want to own.

  4. And that's the best comeback you've got?? Wow, should have called the election Yesterday!!

    I'm sure there is still hope for you though, when PMSH has his majority, you'll come around and be able to think much clearer.

    Blue sky everywhere.....a sign of things to come.


  5. Platty, I did not mean to get upset but name calling is not a good idea and it is not my game. Please feel free to leave your comments and why you differ. All thoughtful commnents are welcome.

    I am not as partisan as you may think. I do these pictures for fun and Mr. Harper provides plenty of material. So does George Bush and some other Conservatives.