Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Brunswick Conservative MLA Bruce Fitch's Latest Statement in the Legislature

During a rowdy and theatrical day in the legislature, Riverview MLA Bruce Fitch accused Justice Minister T.J. Burke of jumping out of his Gucci shoes on Wednesday to defend the premier. Fitch was questioning Burke's comments from earlier in the week that insurance rates would have increased if the Conservatives had won the election. "Some people say his Hugo Boss tie was too tight, cutting off the blood to his brain," a fiery Fitch yelled across the legislature.
Following the debate, Burke told reporters he doesn't own a pair of Gucci shoes and doesn't intend to buy a pair of the pricey footwear. And as for Hugo Boss ties? "I don't wear Hugo Boss ties, I wear the ties that my wife and that my parents and good friends suggest are my colour, my style," Burke said, pointing to his striped Zenya-brand tie.

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