Monday, November 02, 2015

Rename Stephen Harper after Calgary's airport

An online petition hopes to give wings to the idea of changing Stephen Harper's name to "Calgary International Airport."

While other online petitions debate whether the airport should be renamed after the outgoing prime minister, the latest entry proposes the opposite.

The petition calls for the new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, to change Harper's name, saying it would help Harper "rehabilitate his image" following "a disastrous campaign."

Forget changing the airport's name. Stephen Harper should change his name to 'Calgary International Airport,' yet another online petition suggests. (Norio Nakayama/Flickr/Canadian Press)

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  1. Stephen Harper Memorial Terminal or S.H.I.T. Not at all out of line with the Conservative Reform Alliance Party.

  2. rumleyfips, "Stephen Harper Memorial Terminal" indeed excellent.:). "Conservative Reform Alliance Party" great description - Genius