Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Stephen Harper Interview with Peter Mansbridge

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  1. This is the mosts significant comment I gleaned from his interview, because it virtually guarantees a change of government on October 19:

    Trudeau said the party that wins the most seats on Oct. 19 should get
    “the first shot at governing.” But he suggested that if Stephen Harper
    wins a minority, his government might not last long and could be
    defeated in a vote of non-confidence in Parliament.

    “I think the reality is, there is such a clear desire for change
    amongst Canadians right now, that Mr. Harper will have a very difficult
    time commanding the confidence of the House after this election.”

  2. CuriosityCat, thanks for your comment. Departure of Harper was long overdue. I hope the future will be much better. Harper did a lot of damage which Trudeau needs to fix.