Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Storms in U.S. and Global Warming

There have been too many storms last few years in U.S. In Maritimes we got storm Arthur last year. It was quite furious. I lost one big tree in my backyard. Luckily it fell on an angle and spared my house. These are all the indications of global warming. People in their 80's and 90's said that they have never seen and experienced anything like this before. We better start paying attention to this erratic and severe weather.

Watch the video here

I watched a documentary on CBC which indicated that global warming is impacting oceans and life in oceans. Read more here.

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  1. We've had years of warnings to expect severe storm events of increasing frequency, intensity and duration and we've had years of indifference to those warnings.

    This is part and parcel of the new geological epoch we've triggered, the anthropocene. For the first time in the 5-billion+ year history of Earth a lifeform has created an environment and, as was to be expected, for the worse.

    In Canada we're doing our very best to look the other way. We should be urgently replacing and reinforcing essential infrastructure, coast to coast to coast. Not only is the existing inventory aging and wearing out but it was also never designed or constructed to meet these new, far harsher climatic changes. It's been estimated that Canada would have to invest upwards of a trillion dollars to set everything right.

    A trillion dollars is a fantastic sum of money but it is not money spent so much as it is money invested. The costs are up front but functioning infrastructure returns big dividends for decades. And, at a time when the country could use some serious stimulus spending, we're cutting our own throats with the pursuit of austerity.

  2. the signs are there for all to see, LD, yet our 'leaders' continue their obeisance to their corporate masters and pretend the science behind climate change is still undecided. This has to go down as the greatest betrayal in history.

  3. Great points Mound, such short-sightedness from our politicians – frankly across the political spectrum – about the threats of climate change. Harper of course is worse, muzzling scientists and other voices calling for action.

  4. Lorne, very true. History won’t remember well leaders who failed to act in light of such obvious warning signs. Horrible legacy to future generations.