Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Liberal Majority in Quebec

Pundits were cautious about the Liberals, seeing a majority as a remote possibility, more likely a minority. The third party CAQ was seen as having a last minute "surge" in the campaign but that surge did not materialize to the extent some pundits expected. While CAQ did pick up a few more seats, the Liberals won a comfortable majority (with CBC projecting very early in the night). This exceeded even optimistic expectations of the Liberals. Liberals won 70 seats (early count)  and 63 are needed for the majority.  The leader of PQ, Pauline Marois, lost her own seat.
The vote, it seems, was against Pauline Marois and against the Parti Quebecois. Quebecers are tired of referendums and the province is a multicultural society, many were repulsed by the Parti Quebecois' Charter of Values which promoted intolerance towards minority groups. This election proved good news for national unity and for multiculturalism. You may read more here.

  Update: Brilliant cartoon.

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