Monday, March 24, 2014

Stephen Harper got a swift response from Vladimir Putin

OTTAWA - Russia on Monday slapped an entry ban on 13 Canadian lawmakers and officials, including Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer and government House leader Peter Van Loan, in retaliation for Canadian sanctions over Ukraine.

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  1. Gee, LD, I wonder if Harper is as 'genuinely surprised' by this development as he was over the Supreme Court's rejection of Nadon? Or will he wear it as a badge of honour going into the next election?

  2. Lorne, hard to say. He is an unpredictable man. Nadon was an interesting development. First time in history. He wanted to treat Supreme Court like another Senate. I am glad that Supreme Court has straightened him out.

  3. .. surely Putin did not describe Van Loan or Scheer as 'lawmakers' .. !!! Is he delusional?

    It must be galling to a narcissist like Harper.. that Putin is not aware of the great fearsome statesman, noted economist and Royal military guru Stephen Harper.. yet attacks his limp or rotund handmaidens ..

    Migod.. !!
    Neither Scheer or Van Loan welcome in Russia ??

  4. the salamander, Harper is a great statesman on the world stage in his own mind. Given his delusion he was the first one from G7 nations to visit Ukraine to put "Putin in his place". 'Putin is shaking in his boots' is Harper's delusion.