Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Keystone Tarsands Pipeline Will Have Minimal Environmental Impact... Really?

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A recently released State Department report claims the environmental impact of the Keystone pipeline would be "minimal." So... I guess we have no choice, but to build the tarsands pipeline. No need to address the environmental impact of tarsands extraction, we can ignore that Harper is moving ahead - and faster - on this while muzzling scientists who raise concerns about climate change. Harper's Tarsands Minister Joe Oliver was jumping up and down with this report, eager to use it to justify building the tarsands pipeline. Another concern, what if the pipeline leaks? This is something that has already happened. True the pipeline may be safer than transporting by train, but this neglects the bigger question, the need to seek alternative - greener - fuels, and the increasingly maddening pace of tarsands oil extraction. Also, there are reports of undue bias towards the oil industry in the State Department report.

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  1. Typically, LD, the Harper government does not hold with nuanced thinking. Your question of whether or not we should be seeking greener alternatives is not within their ideological range, which seems stuck on either/or choices. e.g. We either ship by train or pipeline. Green energy? Not in their lexicon.

  2. Lorne, you summed it up quite well. Environment? What environment? Harper and co. don't want to hear that word.

    We heard of 'snake oil salesman'. Harper is the 'Tar Sands oil salesman'. Only difference is that his merchandise is extremely perilous.