Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Massive sun flare

It is amazing. 

The sun fired off a major solar flare late Feb. 24, making it the most powerful sun eruption of the year so far and one of the strongest in recent years.

Earth isn't in danger from the latest eruption of space weather activity, according to officials with, which tracks space weather and stargazing events. Sunspot AR1990 (previously named AR1967) is located on the southeastern limb of the sun, pointed away from Earth. This is the third time this sunspot has rotated onto the Earth-facing side of the sun. CBC

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  1. A sobering and humbling reminder of our minor place in the universe, LD.

  2. Lorne, so true. According to a Russian scientist sun is a dim star. There're many times bigger and brighter stars in the known universe.

    This post may give you some idea how small earth is: