Friday, February 07, 2014

Is This Democracy?

 Does Harper believe in democracy? This does not sound like Canada, this sounds like an authoritarian state, where those who dare disagree with the fearless leader are demonized, investigated for undesirable political activities. Environmental NGOs are being targeted by the Canadian Revenue Agency for audits, under direction of Harper's CONS. In Harper's Canada, you are targeted for not holding the correct political beliefs. This is not democracy or freedom. Harper has already attacked science and muzzled scientists and cut funding to environmental agencies and programs.

Harper is eager to develop tarsands further and faster, and does not want any warnings about contamination, pollution, or global warming, getting in his way. It is about the will of the oil industry, not facts and reality.

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  1. For some reason i am unable to play the video, LD. could you give the URL for it?

  2. Sorry about that, Lorne. Here is the link:

    I use Google Chrome to play it.

  3. In Harper's Canada there is no longer any such thing as an independent agency. Anyone within CRA who might prickle at Privy Council direction has long ago been removed.

    The revelation that my own government is spying on me as I lawfully and peacefully protest the environmental rape of BC's coastline is deeply unsettling.

  4. Elliott, I 100% agree with you. It is very sad state of affairs and shocking.