Friday, October 25, 2013

Mike Duffy: Story becomes more misty

Harper has changed his tune. Now his position on the Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy money exchange story has changed. If you remember Harper initially  said that "nobody" knew about the exchange other than Wright and Duffy. Now he says 'very few people" knew about it.

Harper changed his tune Thursday, saying Wright "informed very few people" — all of them known to be key Harper confidantes.

"Mr. Speaker, I refer the prime minister to Hansard of June 5," said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in question period on Thursday. "There was no 'very few' in there. It was 'nobody."'

Read more here.

Probably more will be revealed about the Pamela Wallin story and her handful of taxpayers' money.

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  1. Perhaps we should cut Dear Leader some slack, LeDaro. After all, the stress he is under in trying to keep his story straight would wreak havoc on anyone's memory, not to mention his chances for re-election.

  2. Mr. Harper is a slippery character, LeDaro. He's not noted for sticking to the facts.

  3. Now they need to make Harper disclose the names of the "very few" he's admitted knew of this. Will he admit that Benjamin Perrin was one of the "very few?" That's important because as PMO chief counsel, Perrin was Stephen Harper's personal legal advisor. That relationship carries with it a number of fundamental professional responsibilities of the sort one can be disbarred for breaching. One of those would be to promptly inform Harper of the Wright-Duffy deal unless Perrin knew Harper was already in on it.

  4. Mound and Owen, I agree with you both. Not much I can add. Harper has been skating on thin ice for quite a while. Now the cracks on that ice are quite obvious and visible.

    I hope he resigns before the next election. It is too much.

  5. If Harpo resigns, perhaps they can get Kim Campbell to take the wheel. She did a marvelous job for the last Conservative party twenty years ago!

  6. Elliott Taylor, Kim Campbell will be perfect. She will do a good job. Last time only 2 Cons were elected under Campbell. None will be elected this time. Indeed that will be good for Canada.