Sunday, October 13, 2013

A drone in your neighbourhood soon.

Americans are going to issue drone driver licence for safety. That is what NRA says about guns too - that they are safe. Where are we headed?

Riley Morgan, 14, flies a home-built drone AfterDARC on Oct. 11. Morgan
 has been working with drones for half a year. This drone took him two
days to build and cost around $1300 in parts.

"Others are less sure that humans, even trained ones, can be trusted at all. Drones would need to come with software-based "training wheels," or "safety bumpers," to protect amateurs and reckless pilots from harming themselves and others, Cummings said.

Just like cars are getting lane departure warnings, proximity sensors and adaptive cruise control, drones will eventually get detect-and-avoid technologies, which will give them the smarts to dodge a bird or another craft in its path. The commercial applications aren't quite ready, but mapping and sensing technologies for small drones is progressing quite briskly in research labs."

Read the story here.

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  1. It's a genie that's been let out of the bottle, LD. Future shop and The Source both sell the Parrott AR, a quad-copter equipped with a broadcast HD camera and controlled by your cell phone or tablet. You see on your tablet screen the live image from the mini-camera and, when it lands, you can download the recording. Three hundred bucks.

    The problem with these things is that they're going to get larger and more capable - longer range, greater payload, etc. while remaining affordable. That makes them ideal for people who wish to use them for really bad purposes.

    They're cheap, capable, portable and easy to conceal. You can literally bring them to your target's doorstep undetected.

    Pretty soon they'll come out with a model that's GPS programmable. It can hop over your back fence to spy on you or it can do something violent.

    Perhaps the big money will be in creating home security apparatus to deal with these potential threats.

  2. I think every thing is okay as per that situation. I hope it gives good results.

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  3. Mound, I fully agree with you. Spying is one aspect and no privacy. But violence is going to be really unsettling and very dangerous. There will be another organization like NRA. 'Everything is okay don't worry and that drones don't kill people, people kill people mantra'. It is going to be hell of a more dangerous world - living in our own country and neighbourhood - someone will be watching you and killing may follow.

    Arnold Brame, NRA is giving the same assurances. Can NRA be trusted? No. Story with regard to drones is going to be the same only much more dangerous. Especially stalking will be so easy and maybe never getting caught. Drones are not toys.