Saturday, September 14, 2013

U.S and Russia reach a deal on Syria

"The United States and Russia struck a deal Saturday under which Syria will allow its stockpile of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by next year — easing a crisis over a threatened American military attack."

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"The Russian foreign minister called it an agreement “based on consensus and compromise and professionalism.” France welcomed it as an “important step forward.” Kerry and his British and French counterparts will talk about the deal’s implementation over lunch Monday in Paris."  
  I believe it is a good compromise and another war in the Middle East will be avoided. However, it leaves Assad in power and I don't know how that will play out. Will opposition to Assad in Syria buy this deal? Will it stop civil war and killings? 100,000 Syrian died prior to the use of chemical weapons. Will that slaughter stop or continue? That is not clear.

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