Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pauline Marois: Her proposed Charter of Hate-Values

It is already having an impact as a Muslim woman was harassed on  a city bus by a bigoted moron.

Also a mosque in Saguenay was attacked and disfigured.

"A substance that appears to be pig's blood was sprayed on the front of the mosque Saturday, and a letter containing hate comments was also left at the scene. An identical letter was left at the local Radio-Canada building."

Muslims don't eat pork, pig's blood on a Mosque is a degrading and a serious insult.

Quebec separatists not only want separation from Canada, but also want to break ties from civilized society. The next victims probably will be Jews and other minorities - attacks on Sikh temples and Jewish synagogues.

It does not look that Pauline Marois's 'Charter of Hate-Values' will pass in the Quebec legislature, but it is already doing a lot of damage as a proposed bill. Where is Pauline Marois from? From the planet Loony where lunatics live? She sure is a very ignorant and treacherous person.

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  1. This, of course, is exactly what happens, LeDaro, when a government targets 'the other': state-sanctioned hatred

  2. Lorne, this woman has really crossed the line of any decency. Even Harper says that such a legislation is doomed to fail. Good for him.