Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Anthony Weiner: Surprise, surprise - he ends primary bid for Mayor

His parting speech "middle finger". You can't say that he is not steadfast.

"On primary day, Weiner got into an argument with a woman in Harlem who ridiculed him and told him to drop out.

"You are all about you," she said.

"Get used to it," he replied.

A few hours later, the returns came in.

One last time, Anthony Weiner had asked his city for another chance.

And New Yorkers told him to scram.

Then, when it was all over, as he drove away from his concession speech, he flipped a reporter the middle finger."

Read more about his departure and the 'speech' here.

Update: Anthony Weiner's speech on "how many women he sexted" is worth watching. I decided to post it here in case you miss it.

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  1. Such a classy guy, LeDaro. What will the media do without him and his persecution complex?

  2. Lorne, I know what you mean. His departure is not fair to the media especially in NYC. They will be at a loss.