Saturday, August 31, 2013

U.S., Britain and Israel have used chemical weapons in the last 10 years

When the U.S, Britain and Israel uses these chemical weapons then it is okay. There is no repercussions. However, if any other country uses it then it is a crime against humanity. Hypocrisy and double talk.

The U.S used chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq in 2004. Israel used chemical weapons against Palestinians repeatedly and there is evidence that Britain did the same in last decade.

Palestinian civilians and medics run to safety during
an Israeli strike using phosphorus shells at a UN school.
Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP

"But the U.S. used chemical weapons against civilians in Iraq in 2004."

"Israeli also used white phosphorous in 2009 during “Operation Cast Lead” (and perhaps subsequently). Israel ratified Protocol III of Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (“Protocol III”) – which outlaws the use of incendiary devices in war – in 2007. So this was a war crime."

"Moreover, the U.S. and Britain have been dropping depleted uranium in virtually every country they fight, which causes severe health problems."

This does not justify the chemical weapons but these double standards are very troubling.

Read more on this here.

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  1. The Israeli use of phosphorous in an urban setting was pretty disgusting, but it is not to be compared to using Sarin. And to call depleted uranium bullets chemical warfare is just not accurate. There are plenty of accurate and meaningful arguments to make that do not include hyperbole.

  2. Matthew Day, I don't fully understand your comment. It sounds like that in case of Israel it was a different chemical therefore it was justified. That is double standard and hypocrisy, my friend.