Thursday, August 22, 2013

Syrian Government uses chemical weapons against opposition and demonstrators

Situation in Syria is getting more deadly. According to NBC News Bashar Al Assad of Syria uses chemical weapons against Syrians who are opposed to his regime. Over 1000 civilians killed and most of them were women and children.

It is about time that world intervenes and stops this slaughter of civilians.

Warning: This video is quite graphic.

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  1. This imagery is so heartbreaking, LeDaro, especially of the dead children. There is a powerful picture on the Star's front page today with similar impact. Were we unable to emotionally distance ourselves to some extent from such horror, I think we would all be disabled by grief.

    But what is the solution? Each American incursion into a non-democratic state has unleashed horrors that rival or surpass the old ones. I have no answers.

  2. Lorne, there seems to be no answer. United Nations needs to be more pro-active and a joint effort of many nations may help - not America alone. I was going to say including Arab countries but then all of them are in turmoil. Egypt situation is catching up with Syria under the military government or buddies of Mubarak.

  3. I should add that Iran and Iraq are already supporting Assad. Some advanced weapons are coming from Russia to Iran and via Iraq to Assad. It is a very complicated situation.

  4. I don't buy for a minute Syria is doing this. Most likely the U.S. through one of their proxies like those from the state of the "chosen ones".