Monday, August 19, 2013

Stephen Harper is asking for prorogation of Parliament again

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has confirmed he will ask the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until October, when his Conservative government will introduce the next speech from the throne....

"There will be a new throne speech in the fall, obviously the House will be prorogued in anticipation of that. We will come back — in October is our tentative timing," CBC News

He wants extended summer vacation as he works very hard. Or is it working hardly?

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  1. .. Stephen Harper .. the Prime Minister who chooses not to recognize his own country .. its environment, our indigenous First Nations.. military veterans, pensioners or electoral law.. or democracy ..

    He tries to sell the idea that there's something Royal or wonderful about selling the country and all of us out to energy conglomerates and China .. That seems to be his distorted colonial vision of greatness .. or nation building..

    Of course he calls himself a 'westerner' ..
    His family is from New Brunswick ..
    and he lived in Toronto ..
    It makes sense.. in a warped strange sociopath way

    There is little or no evidence that he has any good intentions regarding a country called Canada.. its citizens.. the ecosystems that support us .. or the ethics and morality.. or common sense and honesty we need to move forward ..

  2. the salamander, you summed it quite well. That is the Harper you describe.

    His parents must be good people that they were from N.B but we disclaim Harper being from New Brunswick.:)