Sunday, August 11, 2013

Severe weather: Flooding in Colorado and other U.S states

We are having severe weather throughout North America. Colorado and some other U.S. states are hard hit. Are these indications of climate change?

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“There were rivers of muddy water filled with debris roaring past houses and down .. highways. Heavy rains sit several states across the middle of the country with more rain in the forecast and in Colorado the flash flooding was deadly. 

That’s where we begin tonight just west of Colorado Springs with NBC Leanne Greg. Leanne, residents say it hit without warning?

Reporter: Kate, “and as you can see, the cleanup is now under way, but within the last 24 hours, a wall of water hit this town surging more than 12 feet above the creek bed, sending visitors and residents scrambling for higher ground. More than an inch of rain turned this road Sbooi a raging river rushing 25 to 30 miles an hour.” NBC News

Update: A CBC video showing violent mudslide south of Denver, Colo. sweeps away dozens of cars.


The National, Aug 10, 2013

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