Friday, August 16, 2013

Premier David Alward's ad. promoting Alberta oil pipeline

That should make Alberta happy. New Brunswickers? I don't know. I saw the ad last night and I was taken aback. I knew he supported the pipeline but to give a lengthy commercial on t.v, at the cost of $90,000.00, he has taken it on another level. He is sold out to big oil companies. Has he heard about the environmental consequences? I suppose he does not care as long as he can hobnob with big oil companies and receive admiration from the Premier, Alison Redford, of Alberta.

"The province has purchased $75,000 of airtime to run the one-minute commercial which features David Alward talking positively about the economy in the wake of TransCanada’s announcement of plans to build an oil pipeline from Alberta to New Brunswick." CBC News.

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