Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mike Duffy Expenses: The plot thickens

CTV explains with more specificity after senators David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart Olsen denied any involvement with Mike Duffy's expenses affair and the payment by Nigel Wright to cover Duffy's $90,000 expenses.

Carolyn Stewart and Olsen David Tkachuk

"But CTV News never reported that the senators knew about Wright’s $90,000 cheque to Duffy. CTV News has seen emails showing an organized effort by the Prime Minister’s Office and the senior Conservative senators to coerce Duffy into publicly declaring he’d repay money owed to taxpayers.

In the emails, Tkachuk stated that if the money was not repaid he could use his majority in the senate steering committee, which was overseeing the audit, to remove Duffy from the Senate as he was not seen as a resident of Prince Edward Island. Tkachuk allegedly told Duffy that if he agreed to co-operate and repay his debt to taxpayers, the Senate committee would throw out the residency issue and go easy on him in the audit of his expenses. That conversation was followed up by a phone call by Wright, reiterating what Tkachuk had said.

CTV also spends a few moments with Mr. Duffy on camera outside his residence in PEI, in which he basically repeats a statement he released yesterday to Global.

“It would be inappropriate for me to comment while these issues are being examined by the RCMP,” Duffy said in an email. “I feel confident that in the fullness of time the authorities will find – as did the independent auditors at Deloitte – that my expense claims do not merit criticism.”

Read more at  Maclean's News.

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  1. .. its like a bad movie script .. No .. maybe its a brilliant movie script .. !

    .. zombie political animals.. suddenly twitch .. then lurch towards their lawyers, PR firms, and shriek out to their political and corporatist masters & mistresses.. The most advanced trogs and droogs try to escape in their armored limos.. the slow witted ones are being interviewed by the press and the RCMP and First Nations responders

    .. "no comment .. on the advice of Arthur Hamilton .. the Prime Minister has been very clear on this rumor .. I'm excited to be back in the PMO cave .. I did not inhale as I have no lungs .. I am reptilian .. and have asthma .."

    That flapping sound is that of the Black Swans arriving over Stephen Harper, his senior Ministers, the senior flacks of the PMO, the hidden but paid dweebs & data base miners, political minders, trolls & partisan pollsters, corporate donors .. live/robo call wanks and cranks & offshore bankers..

    .. 'Ground Control to Stevie' .. 'they're not on the ground and so we can't control or divert or bribe them' ...

    .. *&^%$# .. %^&^^ !!

    .. "They are huge swans sir ! Black ones..
    Sir ! Are you there ? are you secure in Sussex Drive?"

    .. "This is PierrePoilievre.. I'm in command !! Do something !! Ray Novak and the PM have locked themselves in the washroom with Jenni Byrne .. we need the root cause of this black swan event quickly !"

    " !!,.*&#$% ..*&&^^..&^@#$% !! Arghh ..Ahhh .."

  2. salamander, what can I say? You have summed it so well. That is exactly the way Stevie and the crowd around him are behaving including the creatures from the Senate that Stevie put there.:)