Sunday, August 25, 2013

Malcolm X : A forgotten leader

I did some work in the field of human rights at the urging of a university professor - a black person. I read quite a bit on human rights and racism in my spare time. One of the books I read was an autobiography of Malcolm X. He was an extraordinary person and went from a drug dealer, when he was very young, to a well-respected leader.

He changed his last name to 'X' because he did not like his given name which he got from his parents -because that name was given by a slave-master. He wrote in his biography that his grandmother was raped by a white man and he said that's why he had white blood in him which he did not like. He was also murdered. Below is a short speech - "You Have Been Brainwashed".

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  1. Nice entry on this important anniversary. I'm a huge fan of Malcolm X.

  2. Beijing York, that is good to know. I hope you read his autobiography. He was a dedicated and brilliant man. He also worked with MLK that people don't know - he met with MLK to develop strategies for their struggle for equality.