Saturday, August 24, 2013

His Highness Stephen Harper did not want to take a question from a Chinese reporter

A Chinese reporter travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Northern tour was hauled away by RCMP after grabbing a microphone to ask a question.

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Angela Priede said... why were the RCMP involved? Surely their role, paid for by taxpayers, is for security, to physically protect the Prime Minister, not to 'moderate' questions from reporters?!?!

LeDaro said...

Angela, you raise a good question about RCMP's role. We are dealing with King Harper's regime and RCMP must obey his orders. That is the best answer I can give.

Thor said...

In the territories there are no local police forces. The RCMP are the police there.

LeDaro said...

Thor, Angela Priede and I use the word RCMP. What are you pointing then? Or is it fyi?