Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gaza Strip: Is it a concentration camp?

FROM THE INSIDE: Palestinian schoolchildren looked out the window of their United Nations-run classroom in Deir al-Balah, Gaza Strip, Sunday. (Ibraheem Abu Mustafa/Reuters)

U.K. Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman: "Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza."

"I would describe Palestinians as a persecuted ethnic group with restricted mobility rights. Gazans are surrounded by walls lined with razor wire and mines. Guard towers watch kill zones and no one can leave except through a few controlled access points and only with Israeli permission.... Sure sounds like a concentration camp. How would you define a concentration camp in a way the excludes Gaza and many villages in the West Bank towns?"

Read more about Mr. Kaufman's statement here.

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  1. Yes, the answer is yes. And any one who doesn't see it is simply blinded my ideology. And given the number of people who don't see is a woeful indictment of the capacity of modern humans to decide political issues through a degree of detachment.

  2. It's rarely mentioned but Gaza is being rendered uninhabitable by Israelis. Over the years Israeli firms have mined the groundwater beneath Gaza.

    Most of Gaza is less than 8 kms. from the sea. Pumping out the fresh groundwater triggers the influx of seawater, rendering Gaza's freshwater supplies increasingly brackish.

    "... the situation in Gaza is particularly acute, with the United Nations warning that its sole aquifer might be unusable by 2016, with the damage potentially irreversible by 2020.

    "Only five to 10 percent of the aquifer's water is presently deemed safe to drink, but even this can mix with poor quality water during distribution, making it good only for washing."

    The impoverished Gazans already have to buy their clean water although desalination is not expected to meet much more than 20% of demand.

    The strip could become unlivable within just a few years.

  3. Kirby, indeed the answer is yes. Thank you for your comment.

    Mound, you're right. Israel is not only stealing land from Palestinians but highly important resources - water as you pointed out. Americans are ready to invade Syria. Do they say anything ever about the atrocities of Israel? Harper is of course a little puppy and obeys his orders from U.S.

    Then there is Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, who has repeatedly said that Israel can do nothing wrong and Palestinians are nothing more than terrorists.