Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For the rich jail can be a vacation

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A convicted fellow's family pays $72,000 and his prison term becomes vacation.

"With a jail in California that found a controversial way to make money. Inmates paying for premium cells with flat screen televisions and new mattresses.

A fellow convicted of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. He'll serve at least two years but the convict and his family paid $72,000 and the money also buys flat screen TVs, a computer and media center and an environment pristine by comparison to county and state lockups where movies like violence seems almost a cliché.

It’s ATM justice. It was right for a small seaside city hemorrhaging $700,000 a year to run its 30-bed jail. So they ran ads looking for convicted criminals that will be paying customers and found plenty. Now it stands to make $500,000 a year or more."

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  1. Hmm... Don't the Americans have a phrase about justice for all in their pledge of allegiance? I guess like just about everything else, the concept has become commodified, LeDaro. Ahh... nothing like the smell of unfettered capitalism in the morning, eh?

  2. Lorne, so true. Money may not buy a person happiness but it sure can buy conveniences of life even if the person is a convicted criminal. I have a feeling that Conrad Black did not have much of a hard time in jail.

    A poor person can spend years in jail, and hard labour, for owning a small amount of marijuana.

  3. This is so positively medieval. We really are reverting to feudalism.

  4. If Tea-Baggers can have their way we will be back to stone age. Canada will,of course, follow U.S.