Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fake Steve Harper

There is a tweeter who calls himself Fake Steve Harper. His tweets are hilarious. Here are some examples:

FakeSteveHarper ‏@FakeSteveHarper 20 Aug
My name is Big Steve, and I am addicted to proroguing.


Like Superman to his Fortress of Solitude, I head north when things get a little hairy. Usually to talk about the military.
Working on a piano version of Nugent's Stranglehold.
15 Aug
I'm hiring a new Director of Communications, requirements are:
- Fear
- Fanatical Devotion
- Inability to speak unless told what to say
15 Aug
Yeah. I'm going to admit I lied or I was wrong about Wallin. Sure.

You can read more tweets here.

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