Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima: Japan marks 68th anniversary

Are the wars worth fighting? We should have learned from World War II. Millions of people were killed. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the U.S. was one of the frightening consequences of this war. Modern day nuclear weapons are much more destructive. U.S alone can destroy life on this planet many times over.

People pray for the atomic bomb victims at the Hiroshima Peace
                            Memorial Park in Hiroshima, western Japan, Aug. 6, 2013
"About 140,000 were killed in the days following the August 6, 1945 U.S. bombing of Hiroshima. Three days later, U.S. planes dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, killing about 70,000 more.

Hiroshima's mayor, Kazumi Matsui, described the pain of those who survived, only to be shunned as contaminated by the radiation.

"The atomic bomb is the ultimate inhumane weapon and an absolute evil. The hibakusha, who know the hell of an atomic bombing, have continuously fought that evil," he said. CTV News.

Update: Sorry! There was a problem with the link. I have corrected it now.

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  1. Thanks for articles and especially concerning 68th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing.

    Perhaps it is of interest to the scandals about eavesdropping and spying the last time, here a link to an article to follow labeled "Pray for atomic bombing victims - Hiroshima, Mushroom Cloud and Fallout from Nuclear Secrecy - Beten für Atombomben-Opfer Hiroshima, Atompilz und Folgen von nukleare Geheimhaltung".
    And this is written on Friendica, a Facebook Alternative, and that is a decentralized social network where we even have our data.

    And yes, of course I have already referred to the blog "LeDaro" in a comment.

  2. Sorry here is still link:


  3. Dr. Seidel, thank you for the comment and link. I did make a mistake in case of the link. I read the story at CTV News site. I have corrected the problem.

  4. Maybe here are two direct links inside this "open group" of Friendica server:

    "pray for atomic bombing victims - Hiroshima, Mushroom Cloud and Fallout from Nuclear Secrecy - beten für Atombomben-Opfer Hiroshima, Atompilz und Folgen von nukleare Geheimhaltung"

    "広島・長崎原爆記念68周年 - 68 anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb anniversary"

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  5. Dr. Seidel, thank you for the links. It is deeply hurtful what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wars are always destructive and we humans don't learn from it. In modern days with more deadly nukes a nuclear war could end the life on this planet.

    Thank you providing my link.

    I am also saddened by the tragedy of Fukushima. I am not sure nuclear power plants are safe. This time it was March 2011 earthquake and tsunami which caused the devastation.

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