Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Walks

An unarmed black teen is dead, and his killer - who is white - walks free? What is wrong with Florida? Meanwhile, in another Florida case, a black woman who fired warning shots to protect against an allegedly abusive husband received 20 years in jail.

On the Zimmerman acquittal, one of the prosecutors stated that, "You had a 17-year-old kid who was minding his own business, wearing a hoodie, and gets accosted, gets followed by an individual who wants to be a cop."

This is pure injustice.

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  1. despite the hype, Zimmerman is NOT white. When this was pointed out to the MSM they relabelled him as 'white Hispanic'.
    The media tried to make this a race killing and failed.

  2. Tom, he is white whether Hispanic or Italian. Some Hispanic are quite dark and not white.

    His call to police clearly reveals his bigoted attitude towards a black boy.

  3. LD, I just wanted to add this to our earlier discussion.

    The majority of the jurors felt Zimmerman murdered Martin but the evidence wasn't there for them to convict.

    They were doing what they properly had to do, LD. You have to let 10-guilty men go unpunished to spare one innocent man being wrongly convicted.

  4. Mound, I respect your point of view.

    However, police screwed up this case right from the beginning and they were very poor witnesses.

    Police did not inform Martin's parents for 24 hours that he was dead.

    If it would have Martin who killed Zimmerman the outcome would have been totally different.

  5. Mound, I should add that "Stand Your Grounds" law was a major factor in non-conviction of Zimmerman. It is only in few states.

    Obama and Federal Attorney General are trying to get rid of this outdated and unfair law.

    Also Zimmerman would have never followed Martin if Martin was white. It was too much for Zimmerman that a black guy was wondering the streets of a gated community.