Thursday, July 11, 2013

A very smart 9 year old

He discusses the meaning of life and the universe.

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  1. That was great! Thanks for posting it, LeDaro. All I could think of as I watched it was how different our lives would be if we all had the same measure of humility that this precocious lad has in approaching life and its questions.

    I watched an interview with the physicist Neil Turok the other day, one I have been thinking of posting on my blog. In it, he appears to have a similar humility as he ponders life's 'big' questions.

  2. Lorne, thanks for your comment. This 9 years old lad is indeed very bright and humble.

    The question of the meaning of life has been my obsession too. As a young kid I started asking this question and I am still searching for the answer. More I search and read about it more questions arise and I find out that how little I know.