Friday, June 07, 2013

Stephen Harper's empire: Is it falling apart?

Alberta MP Brent Rathgeber has resigned from the Conservative caucus and rumours are that three or more MPs will do the same.

Partially crumbled already.

CBC video on Harper's troubles.

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  2. "Now he has less power," said Chris Alexander of Mr Rathgeber on The Current this morning - because, you see, to this government power is everything.

    Mr Alexander is right, of course, but if only handful follow, MP Rathgeber will be wielding a great deal of power indeed. The very idea of a Conservative minority government having to deal with a reborn Reform Party is a nightmare that I'm sure Stephen Harper never considered before yesterday.

    Not to say it will happen, but if the PM follows the path he has chosen it is a distinct possibility.

  3. Brian Busby, you're quite right.