Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stephen Harper: Give back flood victims' guns in Alberta.

   "Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office is urging the RCMP in High River, Alta., to focus on "more important" tasks and to return the guns officers took from homes while searching for victims in the evacuated flood zone. Harper's office issued a statement Friday morning in quick reaction to the news that the RCMP had taken some firearms that they said weren't stored properly in empty homes."

Very interesting. I suppose guns will scare the floods away. Read the story here.

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  1. Cue Sun News( yes, I watch it for entertainment purposes,certainly NOT for intelligence gathering)--leader of the pack for their big story of the day--"High River Rifle Rage"...complete with gun-nut advocates, gun-nut lawyers and other assorted gun-nuts from Texas North. (I know the people out west are not all like that, thankfully.) Some very disturbing tweets coming in to Sun newsroom, that make their self-righteous club proud. Whatever...

  2. Linda, you have a lot of patience that you can actually watch Sun News. It is a joke. They should name it Sun Comedy Show then they may get more viewership.

    Regarding guns police makes a lot of sense. PMO has gone cuckoo.

  3. LeDaro, I stick to their 'news' for short periods of time and stay away from the stomach for that! I agree, the police were doing their JOBS--unlike the Harper Gov! And the 'statement came from PMO, not from Harper or any of his henchpeople. Just some deep, dark hole called the PMO. I find that weird. Cuckoo's too nice--deranged? And lastly, a question for the gun-nuts--why would the RCMP want to "steal" their guns when they have their OWN?!

  4. Linda, thanks. I agree with you. I cannot watch even news on Sun T.V.Can’t stand those clowns. However I understand that you watch for fun.

    I can sometimes put up with Fox News but not Sun.