Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guy Merchie: Mysteries of Life

Something to ponder over the weekend:


Who or What runs the Universe?
Is there a plan behind the daisy, the hummingbird,
The whale, the world?
Who conceived the eye back in the primeval darkness
Of early evolution?
Who designed the fish's air bladder in the ancient deep
As if foreseeing its future as a breathing lung
Upon the dry land?
And out of what beginning evolved the mind?
By any stretch could mind have been mindlessly created?
Does science have an answer
To the Voice out of the Whirlwind Which asked Job
"Who hath put wisdom in the inward parts?"
Is the world really drifting along without pilot,
Steering itself automatically,
Running its own affairs at random?
Could the Universe, just conceivably,
Have created Itse if?

Surely there is Mystery in this Universe,
Not only somewhere and somewhen but everywhere everywhen
And far; far beyond the scope of man's feeble
Capacity to comprehend.
For man, puny, mortal and finite,
As he is in this nether phase,
Is permitted to visualize neither an end to space
Nor space without end;
Nor can he even grasp a start or a finish of time,
Nor any sort of beginning that has no beginning
Nor any end that has no end.
Hence the Mystery,
The abiding, pervasive, universal Unknowability

That many call by the name of God.
But what matters it what you call It?
It is abstruse, bewilderingly abstruse, and remains so
Whether or no we accept that somehow by Its agency
Out of utter nothingness has arisen
Everything in the Universe.

Its station plainly implies intelligence,
Indeed Intelligence so far beyond the human
As to justif' the adjective "Divine,"
And this seems to be relative.
If a human adult represents divinity to a baby or an animal,
So must the animal be divine to a vegetable,
The vegetable to a mineral...
Likewise, as wrote Paul to the Corinthians,
"The foolishness of God is wiser than men,
And there is presumably a hierarchy in Divinity above
As well as below us -
Even as the doings and thoughts of humanity and of Earth
Are but a negligible jot
In the eternal consciousness of God,
Even as the horizon of knowledge expands outward from our planet
Accompanied by the inexorable horizon of Mystery
Which expands even faster and farther than knowledge,
Leading man's consciousness
To new dimensions.

Thus doth Divinity
Embrace all the other six mysteries of life
Even though callow man comprehendeth it not,
Even though the Mystery remaineth
So far beyond earthly finitude
That no eye but God's own Eye
Hath the capacity to see

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